martes, diciembre 19, 2006

One year ago

It is almost exactly one year from the day I left Singapore to come back to Mexico. Incidentally, a few minutes ago I was cleaning the hard drive of my home PC and I found a couple of things I wrote on my way home.

I put a comment about that in my old blog, but I just discovered something I wrote in my computer that I never uploaded anywhere. This is part of it:
I met Andrew when I was almost arriving to Singapore, and from the very beginning I knew that I was with a guy with a kind heart. As time passed, I was getting closer and closer to him. I was always looking forward to meet him and go to the movies, orto have a great dinner in a very Singaporean place. I have many, many things to say thanks to you, Andrew. Introducing me to the musicals (Rent), listening to my silly experiencies, or distracting me when I was worried for something, sad or home sick. In some senses we are very different, and in some others we are similar, that is maybe why we got along so well. I will always remember the beef kway teow in Geylang with you, the steamboats, the movies, the clubbing nights. I really, really miss you.
To me, moving from one place to another means changing not only house but home. And in the process, we change our life. I accept that at some point I felt that Singapore was my home. Something I never felt before, for instance in the US. I remember also how once when I was comming back from one of my short trips you sent me a message saying also welcome home. The only bad thing of moving home is this part, when we left the people that we love. I am a very sensitive guy,
having to say good bye to you, specially after the great time we had on friday and saturday was very painful for me. Even now, when I remember things we did, or listen a song that triggers memories I feel like I will miss you a lot.
But there is something that makes me feel a little bit better. It is the fact that I have quite a number of very good friends and after years I am still in touch with them. So, I know that we will be in communication.

And that has actually been the case. We are still in touch and I still enjoy with your adventures and experiences. I don't know when we could see each other in person, but I know that I have a great friend on you wherever you are.

I will always remember the Bishan Festival, the trip to Phuket and the trip to KL. Here some shots of those events.

Thanks for all, my dear friend.

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Knar dijo...


Knar dijo...

Haaa que padre tus amigos de Singapur, lo bueno es que te quedas con un recuerdo muy padre, amigos asi no cualquiera se los encuentra. Cuidate mucho Gildardo.

Craving Oxygen dijo...

Que padre que viajes tanto
y que tengas amigos de todos lados
abrazotes =D

Gildardo Sanchez dijo...

Hola Knar.

Pues si... recordar es vivir. Y uno nunca sabe. Quizá algún día regrese por allá y ya tengo buenos amigos.

Mi querido Vic.
Me encanta viajar. Se conoce mucho de la vida haciéndolo. Gracias por los abrazos!